Product Quality of Samsung ML-S5012A Media Tray

Samsung ML-S5012A media tray is manufactured by Samsung which is one of the most famous technology brands in the world. This media tray is an invention that helps you to be more effective and efficient when printing lots of letters, contract agreement, and many more. By using this media tray, you can save your time to reload the papers in your printer. That way, you can be more focus in getting done your job.

The Samsung ML-S5012A media tray is compatible for some Samsung printers, such as Samsung printer ML-4512ND, Samsung printer ML-5012ND, and Samsung printer ML-5017ND. You can only use this media tray for those types of printer that are also manufactured by Samsung. This media tray has a total media capacity of 520 sheets of paper which is a large capacity of tray. Easy to install and use are the excellence of this product. It has a good quality of product and can be used in a long term.

Samsung ML-S5012A

The other special thing about this media tray is the shipping part. You just need to wait for 3 to 5 days to get this media tray. The Samsung ML-S5012A stock product is produced in a large number so you will not run out of this media tray.

Product Quality of Samsung ML-S5012A Media Tray Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Jessica Amelia